Wedding Photography in Palm Springs

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Palm Springs and the surrounding area is a mecca for golf, hiking, tennis, mid-century modern architecture, pool parties, unique hotels & fashionable resorts, festivals, and dining.  The area is also a mecca for weddings and every year thousands of couples from throughout America and the world come to Palm Springs to exchange their wedding vows.

Despite the overwhelming circumstances brought on by the Coronavirus, weddings are still taking place and many adjustments can be made to keep people safe.  The nice weather and lack of precipitation in the Palm Springs area make this lovely desert community an ideal place for outdoor weddings. 

During these uncertain times, smaller weddings of just a few to up to fifty people are very popular.  A great and increasingly popular way for friends and family who cannot attend the wedding to witness it is to broadcast the ceremony virtually on such streaming services as Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Live, Instagram, Skype, Team, Vimeo, InEventor, and others.

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Gregg Felsen has been photographing events and weddings in the greater Palm Springs area since 2008 and he knows the area extremely well.  After talking to wedding clients and finding out their desires and expectations, he can recommend any number of cool venues from boutique hotels to outdoor parks, historic inns, and private estates.  He can also suggest top-notch caterers, florists, and officiants.

For decades, the greater Palm Springs area has been one of the most gay-friendly towns in America.  On June 28, 2013 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order lifting the stay on issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.  Palm Springs has been popular getaway and site for thousands of same-sex marriages ever since. 

Contact Gregg to book anything from surprise engagements to mid-size weddings.  Few life milestones are more important and joyous than engagements and weddings and hiring the right photographer is an important element in capturing the essence and emotion of these events. 

In addition to being an accomplished and skillful photographer, Gregg is also observant, well organized, personable, quick to react, unobtrusive, and courteous.  Gregg frequently likes to attend rehearsal events prior to the wedding day so that he and the wedding party get better acquainted prior to the ceremony.

Clients are always eager to see their photographs as quickly as possible and Gregg provides edited, high-resolution images that are individually tweaked and returned within three days after the wedding.  Images are delivered electronically via WeTransfer or on a flash drive or both.