Palm Springs Family Portraits

The Palm Springs area, including Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, and Indio is a mecca for golf, hiking, tennis, mid-century modern architecture, pool parties, unique hotels & fashionable resorts, festivals, and dining.  As such, this unique desert oasis has not only a vibrant indigenous population, it also attracts thousands of visitors annually many of whom have second homes here, rent seasonally, or stay at countless numbers of luxury and boutique hotels, small inns, or B&B’s.

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Blessed with such nice year-round weather and lack of precipitation, it’s no wonder that so many families from throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe look forward to their trips to the area.  And what better way to document family birthdays, reunions, holiday photos, parties, and anniversaries than by hiring a professional photographer.

I have been a creative, versatile, and well-respected professional photographer for over thirty years.  My experience combined with an intuitive eye for composition and sense of visual artistry combine to capture compelling and memorable images.

Family photographs have always been my forte.  Before I began taking family photos professionally I was constantly taking event and vacation photos of my own family.  As a result, lifestyle portraiture became my passion. 

I have worked with families from as few as 2 people to large extended families of as many as 80 people.  I always choose the best location, backgrounds and pay close attention to lighting conditions to guarantee well composed and technically perfect photographs.  Many of my clients update their family portraits every year.  Regardless of the size of the family, I always take a large number of photos including photos of the entire family as well as of smaller groupings and combination of people within the family.

In this time of the Coronavirus, I am extremely cognizant of the safety of my clients and myself.  I always wear a mask, keep a safe distance from other people, and use telephoto lenses.  Good family photographs require that family members feel relaxed and I use my social skills to ensure that everyone feels relaxed and are having a fun experience.

My prices are reasonable and I work hard to accommodate everyone’s budget.  I don’t work or charge by the hour but rather by the job.  I don’t keep an eye on the clock but rather take the time to make sure enough candid and posed photos are taken with a combination of groupings. Black and white images are popular these days and I provide many of the photos in both color as well as black and white versions.

Clients are always eager to see their photographs quickly and I provide edited, high-resolution images that are individually adjusted and given to clients within two days after the photo shoot.  Images are delivered electronically via WeTransfer or on a flash drive or both.

If you are interested in documenting family photos of any kind and getting a large number of memorable images, please contact me.  Thank you.

Gregg Felsen