Wedding Photography in Palm Springs

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Palm Springs and the surrounding area is a mecca for golf, hiking, tennis, mid-century modern architecture, pool parties, unique hotels & fashionable resorts, festivals, and dining.  The area is also a mecca for weddings and every year thousands of couples from throughout America and the world come to Palm Springs to exchange their wedding vows. […]

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Outdoor Dining Photography

Outdoor Seating Photography

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, dining out has been dramatically impacted throughout the country and especially in Palm Springs where going out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner is one of the most popular pastimes for residents and visitors alike.  Throughout the spring and summer of 2020 restaurants in Palm Springs have endured either […]

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Isabelle Art Photography in Downtown Palm Springs

Isabel Photography

Located in the walkway between Starbucks and the Kimpton Hotel on downtown Palm Springs is a larger than life polished stainless steel sculpture called “Isabelle”.  This stunning one-of-a-kind piece is the work of German sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae who currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Voss-Andreae’s many sculptures including “Isabelle”, were created in a style inspired by […]

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