Small Weddings in Palm Springs Photography

Wedding Photographer

With year-round great weather and natural beauty, Palm Springs, California is a popular destination for weddings.  Couples getting married have a wide range of venues from which to choose including large exquisite resort hotels, intimate boutique hotels, private vacation-home rental properties, beautiful local and national parks.

With Covid-19 and its variants affecting so many aspects of life today, there is an unprecedented rise among couples who are choosing small weddings that are safer, more intimate, less expensive, and can be performed at many lovely spots. Locations for small weddings also include but are not limited to family homes, AirB&Bs, restaurants, parks, scenic vistas, small spaces in a large venue, historic sites, etc.

In addition to being more affordable and manageable, small weddings are more casual and spontaneous, less stressful, offer quality over quantity, allow the wedding couple to spend more quality time with guests, have access to a larger number of wedding venue options, and creates more time for a pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Whether couples are planning large or small weddings, one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of a wedding is choosing the right photographer.  When all is said and done and after the music stops, after the officiant has finished his or her job, after the food is eaten, after the flowers are taken home, and the champagne is consumed, what is left are the photographs that will last a lifetime.

As a photographer who specializes in small weddings, I am able to create an atmosphere of comfort, capture the emotions of the day, the essence of the wedding, and can adapt my skills and creativity to any weather and lighting situations.  I take my responsibility of providing the best wedding experience possible very seriously and I will guide direction wherever possible to ensure that the photographs I take will exceed your expectations.