Why are Family Photo Sessions so Important and Meaningful? 

Family Photography

In addition to capturing memories and documenting growth, family photos also serve as a way to remember a loved one who has passed away and a way to help create lasting bonds between family members.

Family photos also serve as a physical reminder of the people we love, help keep memories of them alive, and preserve the family legacy for future generations, and provide a sense of continuity and connection to our past.  Such photos are important because they remind us of good times and the happy times we shared with loved ones. 

When you are thinking about family pictures, bear in mind that they aren’t just capturing a moment in time….they are a way to connect celebrate ones heritage and preserve the family legacy for future generations.

When you are ready to document the legacy of your family, please contact me for professional high quality and creative images that you will enjoy and treasure for years to come. 

I have been doing family photo sessions for over twenty years, I have a great deal of experience, I know how to organize and pose people, and I will help make the sessions fun and stressless.

Some of my favorite photo sessions have included pictures of three and four-generations. One family that I photographed recently included over 40 people, a 100- year-old matriarch, and several great grandchildren.

Gregg Felsen