Micro Weddings Photography in Palm Springs

palm springs wedding photography

The average cost of weddings has changed a lot in recent years. According to the Knot, the national average amount couples spent on their wedding in 2021 was $28,000 and the average guest count was 105 people.  These numbers are up significantly from weddings that took place during the height of the Covid pandemic. With prices on the rise, many couples are opting for smaller more intimate affairs, known as “mini weddings” or “micro weddings”.

Often with 50 or fewer guests these weddings still featuring the traditions of larger weddings but on a smaller scale.  They typically involve a ceremony, officiant, meal, reception, entertainment, flowers, and photography.  They also offer the opportunity to utilize unique venues that small and often less expensive than larger venues like hotels, special event spaces, and country clubs. 

These days small weddings are the hottest trend.  They take a fraction of the time to organize and are more budget-friendly than traditional weddings. Because of their smaller size, “mini” or “micro” weddings are more intimate and allow for more interaction time between the wedding couple and guests.

Palm Springs enjoys spectacular weather year-round ensuring outdoor ceremonies and receptions at a bountiful number of locations and venues including charming boutique hotels and inns such as the Korakia, Sands Hotel, Ingleside Inn, and Villa Royale as well as private estates such as Casa de Monte Vista, the Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate, Merv Griffin Estate, and the Dinah Shore Palm Springs Estate.

Other locations for small weddings with stunning views include Joshua Tree National Park, Empire Polo Grounds, Moortens Botanical Garden, La Quinta Civic Center Park, the Palm Springs Air Museum, the Palm Springs Art Museum, Sunnylands Center & Gardens, Pioneertown, BG Bird Garden, and many more.

When planning any size wedding, don’t forget to hire an experienced professional photographer rather than relying on “uncle Charlie” and his simple camera or his cell phone camera.  Professional photographers

use modern equipment, have experience taking photos in different lighting conditions, compose consistently aesthetically pleasing images, know how to edit the images, and know where to be at the important times during the ceremony.

At the end of the day, the wedding dress will go into a closet, the food and cake will have been eaten, the invitations and decorations will be tossed in the trash, and the flowers will soon die.  What remains forever will be high quality images that will last a lifetime. Make sure you do not attempt to cut expenses by slimming down the photography budget. 

Wedding photography is a specialty unto itself as there are many nuances that are essential for high quality well-composed images.  Spend money on hiring a professional wedding photographer who is well versed in the photojournalistic style of photography. 

When you hire Gregg Felsen, you get an experienced, personable,

creative photographer who delivers best in class photography, flawless service, and outstanding value.  Images are edited, tweaked and generally delivered back to the wedding couple within two days.

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